84. Caught in the Net The Making of marillion.com ("Making Of" Album)

84. Caught in the Net The Making of marillion.com ("Making Of" Album)
Caught in the Net - The Making of marillion.com
From Dusk ‘til Dot vol 4
"Making Of" Album
Voice: Steve Hogarth
Guitars: Steve Rothery
Keyboards: Mark Kelly
Bass: Pete Trevawas
Drums & Percussion: Ian Mosley
Okładka: Bill Smith Studio/Carl Glower
Wytwórnia: Racket Records
Released September 2002 - 2CD - jewel case - From Dusk ‘til Dot vol 4 - Racket Records - Racket20
Recorded 1997-1999
Disc 1 (Album Demos)
A Legacy (Rough Mix)
Built-in Bastard Radar
Tumble Down the Years (Radiation Mix)
Interior Lulu (Radiation Mix)
Disc 2 (Writing Sessions)
H's Legacy Home Demo
Legacy Intro Problems
A Kravitz Legacy
Legacy Sandwich
Big Legacy Chords
Guitar Outro Legacy
Early Deserve Jam
Deserve Satisfaction
Go Early
Upside Down
Wide Awake
Acoustic Go Arrangement
Swing Doors
Rich Rock Ending
Enlightened Lyrics
Forks of the Lightning
Enlightened Chords
Enlightened Guitar Line
Big Blues Bastard
Bastard Guitar Line
Radiation Bastard
Bastard Rock Riff
Tumble Down an Idea
Early Tumble Melody
Final Tumble Melody
Tumble Up the Speed
Run Like Lulu
Lulu Guitar Intro
Jazz Club Lulu
Picky Lulu Intro
Rothers Lulu Intro Demo
Unused Lulu Bridge
Mad Lulu Jam
Mad Lulu with Lyrics
Early Arabs Jam
Carry it Out Jam
Primrose Piano
Full Band Primrose Hill
Pete's Primrose Bass
Interior Boogaloo
This House Aches
H's House Home Demo
House Chord Tutor
House Band Jam
Time to Go Home