15. For Whom The Bells Toll (live album)

15. For Whom The Bells Toll (live album)


Battleside Ltd, released June 1993

UK : FIS 005
USA: Griffin GN 0832-2
USA: Griffin FI102 (250 copies in a walnut wooden box)

Re-released by Voiceprint (Chocolate Frogs Record Co) April 2001, 2CD Chocolate Frog Records CFVP002.

Recorded live at Edinburgh Playhouse, 31st December 1991 (except tracks 14 & 15)

CD 1 (62:24):
01. Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors [Dick/Simmonds]
02. Credo [Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher]
03. Tongues [Dick/Simmonds/Usher/Boult]
04. Family Business [Dick/Simmonds/Lindes]
The graveyard miniplay intro
05. Incubus [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
Giz A Bun big time! Trad jazz, New Year thoughts on drinking
06. The Company [Dick/Simmonds]
The joke (not well received!)
07. Shadowplay [Dick/Simmonds]
Custard pies through the screen! The professional Scotsman
CD 2 (62:12):
08. Dear Friend [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
The bells toll and a Happy New Year to one and all. The piper with 'Auld Lang Syne'
09. Lucky [Dick/Boult/Simmonds]
Is the singer slurring?
10. Big Wedge [Dick/Simmonds]
11. Heart Of Lothian [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
12. Forgotten Sons [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
13. Fugazi [Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas]
Band intro, the revolution starts here!
14. Internal Exile [Dick/Boult/Simmonds] (Recorded at Paris Olympia, 9th December 1991)
15. Market Square Heroes [Dick/Kelly/Minnett/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas] (Recorded at Paris Olympia, 9th December 1991)
The bow '1, 2, 3..'

Vocals: Fish
Guitar: Frank Usher
Guitar, backing vocals: Robin Boult
Bass: David Paton
Keyboards, backing vocals: Mickey Simmonds
Drums: Kevin Wilkinson