2010-05-19 01:10

February 14th - Library Theatre: Darwen, England
February 15th - Central Station: Wrexham, England
February 17th - Waterfront: Norwich, England
February 18th - Robin 2: Bilston, England
February 20th - The Hub: Dublin, Ireland
February 21st - The Empire: Belfast, N Ireland
February 22nd - Camden Palace: London, England
February 23rd - Le New Morning: Paris, France
February 25th - Spirit of 66: Verviers, Belgium
February 26th - 013: Tilburg, Netherlands
February 27th - Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands
March 1st - Fabrik: Hamburg, Germany
March 2nd - Rytmeposten: Odense, Denmark
March 3rd - Amager Bio: Copenhagen, Denmark
March 5th - Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway
March 6th - Kultur Bolaget: Malmo, Sweden
March 8th - Columbia Fritz: Berlin, Germany
March 9th - Teatr Polski: Wroclaw, Poland
March 10th - Stodola: Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland
March 11th - Dom Muzyki Tanca: Zabrze, Poland

March 13th - Blues Garage: Hannover, Germany
March 14th - Oosterpoort: Groningen, Netherlands
March 15th - Paradiso: Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 16th - Jovel: Munster, Germany
March 18th - Kufa: Krefeld, Germany
March 19th - Colos Saal: Aschaffenburg, Germany
March 20th - Pressenwerk: Bad Salzungen, Germany
March 21st - Tolhaus: Karlsruhe, Germany
March 23th - Z7: Pratteln, Switzerland
March 24th - Muhle Hunzigen: Rubigen, Switzerland
March 25th - Salzhaus: Winterthur, Switzerland
March 26th - Undertown: Geneva, Switzerland
March 28th - Bikini: Barcelona, Spain
March 29th - Caracol: Madrid, Spain
March 31st - Den Atelier: Luxemburg
April 1st - The Brook: Southampton, England
April 2nd - Academy: Bristol, England
April 3rd - The Point: Cardiff, Wales
April 5th - Academy: Liverpool, England
April 6th - Town & Country: Bradford, England
April 7th - Liquid Rooms: Edinburgh, Scotland
April 8th - Academy: Glasgow, Scotland
May 29th - Feast of Hope: Geneva, Switzerland
June 4th - Lachen, Switzerland
June 13th - Arrow Rock Festival: Lichtevoorde, Holland
July 31st - Fort Manoel: Manoel Island, Valetta Bay, Malta
August 15th - San Giuliano del Sannio, Campobasso, Italy
November 22nd - Progeny 2, Astoria: London, England
December 2nd - (SAS Band) Chiddingfold Ex-Servicemen's Club, Chiddingfold, England
December 3rd - (SAS Band) Chiddingfold Ex-Servicemen's Club, Chiddingfold, England
December 4th - (SAS Band) Chiddingfold Ex-Servicemen's Club, Chiddingfold, England
December 5th - (SAS Band) Chiddingfold Ex-Servicemen's Club, Chiddingfold, England
December 6th - (SAS Band) The Clapham Grand, Clapham Junction, London, England
December 7th - (SAS Band) The Brook: Southampton, England
54 gigs