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February 15th - Bishop Mills Hotel: Elgin, Scotland
February 16th - Tulloch Castle: Dingwall, Scotland
February 17th - Forum: Livingston, Scotland
February 18th - Forum: Livingston, Scotland
February 19th - Town Hall: Lochgelly, Scotland
February 21st - Academy: Manchester, England
February 22nd - Town and Country Club: London, England
February 23rd - Town and Country Club: London, England
February 25th - Colston Hall: Bristol, England
February 26th - Corn Exchange: Cambridge, England
February 27th - Town and Country Club: Leeds, England
March 1st - Stadhalle: Offenbach, Germany
March 2nd - Musikhalle (Stadhalle): Lichtenfels, Germany
March 4th - Musikhalle: Hannover, Germany
March 5th - Neue Welt: Berlin, Germany
March 7th - Sentrum Kino: Oslo, Norway
March 8th - Melody: Stockholm, Sweden
March 10th - Music Hall: Hamburg, Germany
March 11th - Philipshalle: Dusseldorf, Germany
March 12th - Stadthalle: Voelklingen, Germany
March 13th - Salle Phoenix: Mulhouse, France
March 15th - Le Zenith: Paris, France
March 16th - Voorhuit: Ghent, Belgium
March 17th - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: Utrecht, Netherlands
March 18th - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg ("Sushi"): Utrecht, Netherlands
March 20th - Terminal 1: Munich, Germany
March 22nd - National Theatre: Bern, Switzerland
March 23rd - Volkshaus: Zurich, Switzerland
March 24th - City Square: Milan, Italy
March 25th - Palladium: Rome, Italy
March 27th - Posthof: Linz, Austria
March 28th - Bank Austria Zelt: Vienna, Austria
March 30th - Musensaal: Mannheim, Germany
March 31st - Forum: Ludwigsberg, Germany
April 1st - Stadthalle: Erlangen, Germany
April 2nd - City Hall: Osnabruck, Germany
April 4th - Rock City: Nottingham, England
April 5th - Town Hall: Birningham, England
April 7th - Barrowlands: Glasgow, Scotland
April 8th - Music Hall: Aberdeen, Scotland
April 10th - Neptune's Palace: Caister, England
June 5th - Festival: Uden, Netherlands
June 19th - Music Arena: Frankfurt, Germany
June 27th - Parkpop: Den Haag, Netherlands
July 18th - Tarlair Music Festival: Tarlair, Scotland
August 21st - Boerenrock Festival: Kortenaken, Belgium
October 1st - Music Box: Edinburgh, Scotland
October 3rd - Music Box: Edinburgh, Scotland
October 4th - Civic Centre: Motherwell, Scotland
October 5th - Lead Mill: Sheffield, England
October 7th - Parr Hall: Warrington, England
October 8th - Civic Centre: Aylesbury, England
October 10th - Leisure Centre: Brentwood, England
October 11th - Fairfield Halls: Croydon, England
October 12th - Mayflower: Southampton, England
October 13th - Whiterock Theatre: Hastings, England
October 15th - Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England
October 16th - Oval: Norwich, England
October 17th - Civic Theatre: Barnsley, England
October 19th - Ritz Theatre: Lincoln, England
October 20th - Corn Exchange: Ipswich, England
October 21st - Victoria Hall: Halifax, England
October 23rd - Borderline Club: London, England
October 24th - Bierkeller: Bristol, England
October 25th - Mayflower: Southampton, England
October 26th - Civic Hall: Wolverhampton, England
October 27th - Music Circus: Oberhausen, Germany
October 28th - The Alladin: Bremen, Germany
October 30th - Stadthaus ('Company Germany' meeting): Rheinberg, Germany
November 1st - Noorderligt: Tiburg, Netherlands
November 2nd - Nightown: Rotterdam, Netherlands
November 3rd - Melkweg: Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 5th - Vrijhof TU Twente: Enschede, Netherlands
November 6th - Tivoli ('Company Holland' meeting): Utrecht, Netherlands
November 7th - Tivoli: Utrecht, Netherlands
November 8th - Salenschaaf: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
76 gigs